Victorian Weekend at Cardiff Castle


Victorian Weekend at Cardiff Castle


Renowned and recognised as one of the UK's most important historic houses for its extravagant and awe-inspiring interiors, it is only fitting that Cardiff Castle celebrates the extraordinary legacy of the Victorians in a special weekend event onSaturday 20 - Sunday 21 May (10am - 4pm).

Together, the eminent Victorians, Lord Bute and art- architect William Burges, transformed Cardiff Castle into a Welsh Victorian Camelot. The iconic Clock Tower was built, fairytale towers were added and the interiors were transformed with the most elaborate and sumptuous decoration.

Over the weekend Queen Victoria herself will make an appearance and foran authentic flavour of these times, theRagged Victorianswill recreate the lives of the ‘great unwashed'.


This award-winning living history group will bring to life the hardships for the working classes as they attempted to eke out a livelihood. Story-telling, cookery demonstrations and the chance to re-visit the spectacular rooms on a guided tour will bring this important episode in the Castle's history to life.