20 MPH area scheme starts in Riverside and Canton

Cardiff Council is committed to improving the safety on the city's roads and encouraging increasing the use of sustainable forms of transport by implementing more 20 MPH areas around the city.

The first areas of the city where the scheme is being installed includeparts of Riverside and Canton. This work has already started in the areas between Llandaff Road, Cowbridge Road East up to the edge of Pontcanna Fields.

Cllr Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport said: "This scheme is being implemented to improve our street scene, make the roads safer and encourage more people to leave their cars at home so they consider using public transport, walking or cycling."

Public consultation has to take place before a 20MPH scheme can be implemented. For each scheme, it will be proposed that main arterial routes will remain at 30MPH - as if all roads were 20MPH - motorists would just cut through smaller residential streets which goes against the principle of the scheme.

Roads that will remain at 30 MPH in the Riverside and Canton scheme include Wellington Street, and Cowbridge Road East up to Cardiff Bridge.

The next areas where the scheme will be installed is parts of Canton, South Riverside and then west of Llandaff Road to Victoria Park Road West and down to Cowbridge Road East.

Public consultation to install 20 MPH limits south of Cowbridge Road East has already started and this will end on July 20th. This is the last part of the current Riverside and Canton Scheme which is expected to be installed, with the remaining parts of Canton being considered after inner city areas have been reviewed.

Cllr Wild continued: "We are committed to making this scheme a success. We have learned from the pilot that took place in Cathays and have adapted our plans going forwards accordingly. The scheme in Cathays did decrease average speed limits, which is encouraging and we intend to continue to work closely with the Go Safe Partnership and the police to improve enforcement and will work with local councillors and the community in each area before further schemes are proposed."