Charles Byrd Exhibition opens at Cardiff Story Museum

A selection of paintings and sculptures by well-known local artist Charles Byrd will be showcased at Cardiff Story Museum to celebrate the achievements of the 100-year-old artist.

The display includes paintings of the city, including the docks and industrial areas. By the time Byrd started to paint the docklands in the mid 1960's the heyday of the docks was over and the area was changing. These paintings have captured a moment in time and give the visitor glimpses of Cardiff's rich industrial past.

The display also includes some of Byrd's sculptures which he made from found objects and called ‘magical machines'.

Exhibitions Officer Alison Tallontire said: "We're really pleased to have the opportunity to show artworks by Charles Byrd in the Cardiff Story Museum. As the social history museum for the city it's fascinating to see Charles's depiction of the city in the 1960s and see how it's changed over time.

Museum Manager Victoria Rogers said: "Before The Old Library became home to the Cardiff Story Museum it housed artists' studios and Charles was based here making his magical machines, so it's wonderful to have his artwork back in the building and enable visitors to marvel at his paintings and sculptures once again."

The display is on now at the Cardiff Story Museum and runs until 18 March, 2018.