RPC bpi recycled products comes on board as host-city partner for Volvo Ocean Race

In less than two weeks thetoughest and most prestigious sailing series will arrive in Cardiff and with a strong environmental message, the event will highlight the eight million tonnes of plastic which flow into the world's oceans each year.

As part of Cardiff's sustainability credentials for the event, the city has partnered up with RPC bpi recycled products, the largest polythene film recycler in Europe. With one of its four UK sites being located in Wales the, company recycles over 70,000 tonnes of recovered plastic film each year and supports the circular economy by preserving the environment through upcycling recovered plastic film and turning it into second-life products. 

The fleet of yachts, which are expected to arrive on Monday 28thMay following a 2,900 nautical mile voyage from America across the Atlantic, will remain in Cardiff Bay for a two week stopover before moving onto Gothenburg and The Hague for the final legs of the race. During this time, Cardiff Bay and the newly developed Alexandra Head will be transformed into an impressive race village, hosting a free festival of live entertainment and music, water-sports, Volvo Ocean-Race themed attractions and food, drink and trade stalls.

RPC bpi recycled products will collect all recovered plastic film from the event and recycle it at its factory in Rhymney. The recycled plastic film will be used to re-manufacture a range of recycled plastic products, including refuse and recycling sacks and Plaswood plastic lumber - made to produce products such as Plaswood benches.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury said: "In today's culture it is all too easy to throw things away and buy new which is why it is essential we highlight the importance of recycling correctly.

"The issue of marine plastic pollution is of huge concern and it is commendable that Volvo Ocean Race is using the event's international platform to highlight the scale of the problem. Cardiff is committed to raising the profile of correct recycling methods, ensuring that plastic is disposed of properly, without negative impact on our waters."

Mike Baxter, External Affairs Director, RPC bpi recycled products said: "We are absolutely delighted to partner Volvo Ocean Race during the Cardiff stop over with the establishment of a 100% closed-loop plastic recycling facility dedicated to this great event in Cardiff Bay.

"As one of the world's largest manufacturers and supplier of recycled plastic products we recognise our responsibility to do everything we can to support best environmental practice and minimise the impact of plastics. We achieve this through a range of key initiatives aimed at ensuring plastic is recycled after use and does not become litter. We also work very closely with National and Devolved Governments and NGOs, including the Ellen McArthur Foundation, WRAP Cymru, KWT and RECOUP to develop policies which not only meet minimum standards but also work towards our ultimate goal of ensuring all post use plastics are recycled and do not end up polluting the world's oceans."


One of the boats in the race is Turn The Tide On Plastic, which boasts the only Welsh crew member,Bleddyn Môn, in this designated Year of the Sea in Wales.The crew are using on-board data gathering equipment to measure water quality and composition, as well as microplastics in some of the world's remotest oceans.

In the two weeks when the Race Village is open in Cardiff Bay, May 27 - June 10, Cardiff's very own Eco Lounge will be a key feature, displaying waste from the waters around Cardiff, much of it trapped by the Cardiff Bay Barrage. The waste has then been upcycled to make funky, functional garden furniture.

The Race Village in Cardiff hosts a special Ocean Summit on World Environment Day - June 5, with strong involvement from Sky Ocean Rescue who are driving the plastic free agenda. They have partnered with Turn The Tide On Plastic who revealed that data collected by the crew found millions of micro plastic particles in the Atlantic and Southern Oceans.

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