Ramadan Iftar - breaking fast - community celebration

Members of the Muslim community have invited everyone in Cardiff to join them at a special event to celebrate Ramadan Iftar, or breaking fast. 

The event is taking place outside City Hall on Sunday May 27 from 8.45pm, and follows the success of last year's Iftar, which saw over 400 people coming together to enjoy a rich selection of food prepared by the community. 

As part of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and break their fast with Ramadan Iftar each night at sundown. It is customary to invite neighbours to share in the celebrations. 

Along with extending an invitation to everyone in the city, the organisers are particularly keen for the community event to benefit some of Cardiff's most vulnerable, including those that are street homeless. A special invitation is also being offered to refugees in a city, as a way of welcoming them to Cardiff.