17 things you need to know about Cardiff Council’s administration’s budget proposals for 2019/20

  • Cardiff Council is facing a budget gap of £32.4m in 2019/20


  • £218m in savings have already been found over the past ten years


  • Proposals recommend a council tax rise of 4.9% (£1.09 a week on a Band D property)


  • A 4.9% Council Tax rise will bring in £6.7m to set against the budget gap of £32.4m


  • The rest of the gap will be bridged by finding savings of £19m


  • Using £2.75m of council reserves


  • Capping schools' budget growth by £3.5m


  • Schools will, however, receive £10.4m more than last year - a 4.5% increase


  • Social Services will receive £5m extra to help cope with increasing demand


  • £1m extra will go to repairing highways this year on top of already planned spending


  • £750,000 will be spent on protecting essential, non-profitable, bus routes in the city


  • £312,000 for neighbourhood deep cleans and street ‘blitzes'


  • £300,000 extra will go to help address future homelessness pressures


  • £180,000 will be spent on piloting new street-cleansing technology


  • £100,000 extra will go on delivering active travel plans for schools


  • £50,000 will go to help develop the Love Where You Live campaign and encourage more volunteers


  • £50,000 to improve facilities in response to the Public Toilet Strategy