Treasure to go on display in Museum of Cardiff next year
A piece of 17thcentury silver ‘treasure' found by a metal detectorist will go on display at Museum of Cardiff next year.

The silver thimble, which was discovered in Pentyrch in January 2017, bears the inscription ‘I AM YOUVRS' (I am yours), indicating it was originally a gift to a loved one.

Museum Manager, Victoria Rogers, said: "Thimbles of this sort were popular with the 17thcentury nobility and gentry would have been relatively common at the time.

"These days, they're quite a rare find - during the civil war, women sympathetic to the Parliamentarian side often donated them to the cause and they were melted down so the silver could be used for other purposes."

The thimble, which is missing its domed top, was declared ‘treasure' by the Assistant Coroner for South Wales Central, Ms Rachel Knight earlier this week and will now be valued by the British Museum before being handed to the Museum of Cardiff to go on display early next year.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury said: "The Museum of Cardiff is all about the people who have lived, worked and played in Cardiff over the centuries and this thimble will help shine a new light on what was happening here in the 17thcentury.

"It's a really important piece for the museum - not only will it be the first treasure object in the museum's collection, it's also one of the few pieces held by the museum that pre-dates the Victorians, making it a great opportunity to expand on the story the museum tells about Cardiff."

Project Officer for the National Lottery Heritage Fund fundedSaving Treasures; Telling Storiesproject, who helped fund the museum's acquisition of this thimble, Dr Rhianydd Biebrach, said: "The Saving Treasures; Telling Stories project is grateful to the finder of this rare treasure object for the responsible reporting of his discovery, which can now go on display locally, in the community where it was found.

"We encourage all metal detectorists to get their finds recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme Cymru, in order that the knowledge provided by objects such as this is not lost."

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