3500 new trees to be planted in Cardiff
A teenager who turned down money for their graphic design work and asked to be paid with a tree instead, has planted the first of 3500 new and replacement trees to be planted in Cardiff.

Seventeen year old Lloyd Garrett designed a flyer for a Cardiff Civic Society fundraiser and chose to have a Rowan tree planted in his name in Bute Park, instead of receiving payment for his work.

The tree is one of 70 of which have been generously funded by a £7000 donation from Cardiff Civic Society, which will start being planted during National Tree week (23rdNovember - 1stDecember), with more trees to be planted over the coming months as part of Cardiff's annual tree planting programme.

Lloyd, who planted his tree close to the Bute Park Education Centre, said: "I suppose I could have just taken the money, but there's something quite special about having your own tree. I'm definitely going to be cycling past to check on how it's doing.

"Tree planting is actually the easiest way anybody can get involved and take steps to improve the environment, and address the climate crisis we're facing. If everyone got involved there would be millions and millions of trees - and you can't go wrong with planting trees."

A council spokesman said: "Trees bring multiple benefits for health, wellbeing and the planet and we're grateful to Cardiff Civic Society for their generous donation which will enable us to plant even more trees this year."

"The trees that will be planted are all good pollinators and have been chosen to encourage biodiversity, covering a range of species including apple, birch, alder, hawthorn and cherry."