Together For Cardiff



Together For Cardiff has been launched today in a bid to unlock the volunteering potential across the city as residents look to support each other during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The Council is encouraging anyone who would like to volunteer their time helping others affected by the current situation to co-ordinate their efforts through the Volunteer Cardiff website, which can provide information about current volunteer opportunities.


The website will act as a brokering service, matching people who want to help with volunteering opportunities across the city and will help safeguard volunteers and those they are seeking to help by managing connections in an appropriate way, including facilitating DBS checks where necessary.


Leader of Cardiff Council, Cllr Huw Thomas, said: "The Council is doing everything it can at the moment to ensure the wellbeing of our communities, and support residents particularly the most vulnerable in our city, at this time.


"It's already very clear there is a strong desire among people in our communities to support each other through the outbreak, and we want to harness that potential and ensure it's being used in the best way possible for the benefits of our residents in need. That's why we are launching Together For Cardiff and I want to thank everyone who has been involved in putting this scheme together so quickly for pulling out all the stops to make it happen.


"I've heard of so many ways people are offering help in their communities already and it's amazing to see people coming together to do what they can. But it's also really important that we do this in a way that keeps everyone safe - both those volunteering their services and those receiving assistance, and in a way that channels our people power to where it's needed most, so we don't duplicate or take on something we can't deliver.


"Many of the opportunities that will be available on the Volunteer Cardiff website will feed into the work our council teams are doing to ensure we can continue to deliver essential services to those who need them. We'll be using our existing pool of volunteers to help support this work as well as working with partners and linking into opportunities with them to ensure we meet the needs to citizens at this time."


Together for Cardiff opportunities are now available on the Volunteer Cardiff website here

In addition to co-ordinating opportunities, the Council is issuing guidance to volunteers and those in need of support to ensure both parties can stay safe and to protect people's welfare.


Tips & Guidelines for Volunteers & Members of the Public



  • Do not enter people's homes even if invited
  • Where possible visit in pairs
  • When visiting people, maintain at least 2 metres distance between yourself and anyone
  • Avoid close contact with people who have symptoms of coronavirus
  • Only travel on public transport if you need to
  • Do not give out your personal phone number, address, social media account details or other personal identification to individuals
  • Do not give or lend money to individuals, or take personal payments for tasks



  • Everyone should do what they can to stop coronavirus spreading. It is particularly important for people who are 70 or over, have a long-term health condition, are pregnant and or have a weakened immune system
  • Do not give out your bank details, PIN number or passwords
  • Never hand over your card for someone to visit the shops on your behalf
  • Ask the person for identification to confirm it is the person you are expecting to visit you
  • If someone claims to be from a company or organisation, always ask and check identification, if unsure find the number of the company independently from a directory and phone to check
  • Use a door chain to put you in control and consider using a password scheme
  • Ask for a receipt for any shopping before providing any money - do not pay cash in advance (for example for groceries)
  • Avoid close contact as much as possible
  • Groceries should be left on your doorstep. Do not permit any volunteer into your home under any circumstances


While welcoming the community response and tide of good will prevalent across the city at the moment, the Council also wants to alert individuals who will be receiving help to the possibility of  potential scams or opportunists taking advantage at this time.


Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member responsible for Shared Regulatory Services said:

"In these very uncertain times, there is a growing movement to improve the sense of community in our city. Given what we are experiencing, there is no doubt that this is admirable. Those at most risk from the virus need to have the support of their neighbours to ensure that they are able to cope with the measures that are being put in place to slow the spread of the pandemic in Wales.


"Unfortunately, there are people in our communities who may look to take advantage of this increase in community spirit. Earlier this week, the Council received reports about people cold calling elderly and vulnerable people, claiming to be from the Council carrying out a house visit to take people's temperature.


"The Council isn't carrying out any health visits relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the people that are visiting these properties are fraudsters and should not be let into anyone's home.


"We have also received further reports that people are cold calling residents to sell Coronavirus testing kits. This equipment isn't commercially available and the only testing kits which are available are owned by the health service.

"Given these reports, we are asking all residents to be vigilant if people knock on their door. It is important that people carry out necessary checks to ensure they do not become a victim of a scam.


"If anyone knocks on your door, ask for their ID and only let them in if you are 100% sure that they are genuine. If you have any concerns, please contact the Rapid Response Number on 0845 6012600 and the operative will be able to help you."