Top tips for dealing with your waste and recycling during the Coronavirus pandemic


We appreciate that there have been a lot of changes to how we operate our waste and recycling services at this time.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we need to prioritise frontline services and ensure waste and recycling collection services continue efficiently.

We want to make sure you are able to deal with your unwanted items in the safest and most efficient way.

What you must do with unwanted waste

     Hold onto batteries and unwanted electrical items. They willcause fires at recycling centres and if exposed to high temperatures, could potentially cause an explosion.


     Keep any unwanted textiles and clothing until normal service resumes.


     Try home composting if you have green garden waste or leftover food. You can create your own low-cost compost bin or heap, turning your food and garden waste into garden compost for mulching and conditioning your soil. More information can be found here:


     Store old and unwanted items at home in a garage, shed or attic if possible


     If you live in a bag area - continue to use the food caddy

     If you live in a wheeled bin area - put food waste in the black bin


     Hygiene waste (nappies, incontinence pads etc.) go in your black bins or red-striped bags for collection


     If it is necessary for you to buy a new fridge freezer at this time, check that the company you are buying from can remove and dispose of your old appliance upon delivery. If not, it is YOUR responsibility to store it in a safe place until you are able to dispose of it correctly. We have a zero tolerance to fly-tipping, even at this time.


     Remember to put bins and bags out by 6am on your collection day. Collection days remain unchanged but our waste collection team may be out for collection at an earlier time.


X Do not throw away tissues, anti-bac wipes and paper towels in with your recycling. Throw them in your general waste red striped bags or black bins. General waste will be incinerated.

How to keep yourself and others safe

     If anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, such as a high temperature or a cough, you MUST double bag your general waste bags where possible and leave them for 72hours before placing outside for collection


     Disinfect your bin handles and wash your hands thoroughly before and after putting out your bin for collection


X Do not offer unwanted electrical items for re-use within the community as the virus can live on surfaces. We must all do what we can to stop Coronavirus spreading

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