COVID-19 Update: 22nd April

Here is the latest COVID-19 round-up of the day from Cardiff Council, covering: the Pink Army marches into the Dragon's Heart Hospital; another chance to catch Rhod Gilbert's emotional care work experience; and thank you messages appear on the city's roads. 


The Pink Army marches into the Dragon's Heart Hospital

Our First Point of Contact Hospital Team, within Independent Living Services, locally known as the Pink Army, will be providing vital support to Health colleagues and the City's patients at the Dragon's Heart Hospital, where 300 beds are ready.

The Pink Army are a team of contact officers, who work in partnership with Health, currently located in the UHW, and now the Dragons Heart. The team are a single point of contact working with a wide range of clinicians on the wards, as well as with patients and their families.

Their objective is to establish what community support can be provided to expedite a safe discharge. The approach they take is to have a "What Matters" conversation, which enables them to provide tailored information, advice and support that meets the patients' wellbeing needs, providing preventative interventions, promoting independent living, supporting safe timely discharge and reducing the risk of readmissions.

The Pink Army formed in December 2018 as part of the Welsh Government's Transformation funded project; Get Me Home. Demonstrating their versatility, the team will provide this support in addition to maintaining the service to Health colleagues and patients at the University Hospital of Wales.


Rhod Gilbert experiences care work on BBC - watch the re-run

Did you watch the latest episode of Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience? On Friday evening the episode was aired early as a tribute to care workers who are caring for our loved ones at this difficult time. If you missed it, you can watch the re-run on BBC One Wales at 10.30pm this Thursday 23rdApril or stream on BBC iPlayer.

In the episode Rhod spends time helping to deliver personal care in Cardiff and the Vale, shining a light on the remarkable work carers do every day. The response to this emotional episode has been unanimously positive, with many people taking to social media to express their gratitude. As Rhod himself says on the show, "I can't think of a more important job off the top of my head, than this."

One of the highlights of the show is Emma SL Pinnell's poem about being a carer - Emma will be making an appearance on BBC Wales Today on Thursday 23rdApril, so be sure to tune in.


Council highway contractors paint thank you messages to NHS on roads into the Heath hospital

Bilingual road markings, with the clear message - ‘Thank you NHS' - have been painted on three roads as you drive into the University Hospital of Wales in the Heath.

The road markings which have been paid for by council contractors, Roman Road Lining and Amberon Traffic Management, were installed this morning.

The 12 metre by four meter markings have been painted in yellow are a further tribute to our front line NHS staff, as they continue in their vital work to combat the COVID-19 virus.

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