The ‘Diff Diaries project; COVID-19 through the eyes of Cardiff's children and young people


A project for children and young people in Cardiff to share their experiences of COVID-19 through weekly diary entries, has been launched.

‘The ‘Diff Diaries' is providing children and young people the opportunity to document their activity, thoughts and feelings during the global pandemic by submitting video recordings, photo collages or written diary entries.

With schools closed, all events large and small across the globe cancelled and children and young people everywhere having to stay at home, entries may show how children and young people are spending their time, perhaps learning new skills, being home-schooled or even sharing tips for children of the future.

Supported by Museum of Cardiff, Screen Alliance Wales and University of South Wales, the project has been launched by Cardiff Commitment and supports Cardiff's ambition to become a United Nations Child Friendly City.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said; "We are living through a time like no other and this event will become a historical moment, discussed by future generations to come. That is why it important to give our children and young people a voice so that their thoughts, feelings and emotions during this global health crisis can be recorded forever.

"This will be a defining time for our children and young people living in Cardiff and The ‘Diff Diaries aims to capture their experiences so that we they can be remembered for their resilience, hope and positivity."

The project is open to 7-16 year olds, Entries can be in both Welsh and English medium and must be uploaded via the Hwb Platform (

Entries can be submitted weekly from today, Sunday 26, April 2020. The project will come to an end one month after all schools re-open for statutory education. Parental consent must be given before entries are submitted.

A film festival showcasing entries which have been selected by a panel of young people, education and industry experts will be held after the health crisis.

Highlights of entries will be shared weekly via the Cardiff Council and Cardiff Commitment social media channels using the hashtag #TheDiffDiaries #DyddiaduronDiff  

For more information about how to submit entries please visit Hwb page follow the Cardiff Commitment social media accounts:

Facebook - Cardiff Commitment

Instagram - CardiffCommitment

Twitter - @CdfCommitment

Cardiff Commitment is Cardiff Council's initiative to bring thepublic and private sectors together, working in partnership to connect young people to the range of opportunities available in the world of work.

Ultimately, the goal of the Cardiff Commitment is to ensure that all young people in the city eventually secure a job that enables them to reach their full potential whilst contributing to the economic growth of the city.