Questions and answers on the one-off garden waste collections during May
 Question: Why has this information not been updated on the Council’s website and app?

We have been working to update the calendar information for residents across the website, Cardiff Gov App and BOBi (our Chatbot).

Please be aware that the calendars only show the next three collections for your property so if you are scheduled for a Garden waste collection later in the month it won’t show immediately.

Question: When will my garden waste be collected?

Your green garden waste will be collected on one Saturday during May. The date your garden waste will be collected will depend on the day your recycling/waste is normally collected.

Normal collection day


Garden waste collection date


Creigiau/St Fagans







Saturday 2nd May 2020



Llandaff North






Saturday 9th May 2020








Saturday 16th May 2020


Pontprennau/Old St Mellons






Saturday 23rd May 2020







Saturday 30th May 2020


Question: How do I put my garden waste out for collection?

Please use the usual containers that have been provided. For residents on the wheeled bin scheme, please use your green wheeled bin. For residents on the red striped bag scheme, please use the reusable white sacks.

Question: I don’t have a green bin or re-useable sack?

If you do not have a green bin or re-useable sack at the time of your collection, we will be unable to collect your garden waste.

You are able to order a green bin or re-useable sack by contacting C2C on (029) 2087 2087. There is a charge for these items, and they cannot be ordered online.

Question: What can go into my garden waste bin/re-useable sack?





Grass Cuttings

Animal bedding (incl. hay, straw, wood shavings, sawdust)

Plant/flower cuttings

Rubble/decorative stones

Small twigs/branches

Garden items e.g. watering cans


Wood- treated or untreated


Green recycling bags


General waste


Question: I’ve got more garden waste than can fit in my re-useable sack/green bin

We do understand that residents may have excess garden waste, due to the fact that garden waste collections have been suspended for some time.

However, we will only be able to collect garden waste that fits into your usual container.

The safety of our crews is our priority. The re-useable sacks and wheeled bins are of a size and weight that can be safely managed by our crews. If excess waste is presented, we will be unable to complete collections from other areas.

Question: What do we do with the excess garden waste?

If residents have space in their garden, the most environmentally-friendly way of dealing with grass cuttings and hedge trimmings is to home compost. This can be as simple as putting all your cuttings in a neat pile in a corner of the garden. Mix with small amounts of paper, cardboard and vegetable peelings to create a pile that will break down within a few weeks to create great compost that can be reused in the garden. Please do not put cooked food waste into your home compost heap.

Alternatively, we ask residents to store any additional green garden waste in their garden until their next collection.

Question: What do I do if my garden waste wasn’t collected?


The Council is providing a one off collection during May to remove garden waste from resident’s homes.

Unfortunately due to the current crisis we will not be able to offer a re-collection service for garden waste collections, if residents present their waste incorrectly or the collection is missed.

The Council continues to review all waste management options to deliver the best possible service during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Question: Will you be composting the garden waste?

Yes. All garden waste collected separately will be delivered to our contractor to produce compost. This will not be sent to the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF).

Question: Why is the removal of green garden waste being prioritised over other waste types, for example food waste or recycling?

The feedback from the public is that the interim waste management arrangements during COVID-19 have been well received, but as many people are working in their garden during the lock down, many residents would like garden waste removed from their home

The one off collection service will help residents remove garden waste from their property, so there is less to store in their garden.

Provisions are already in place to collect food waste and recycling each week. Although these items are collected along with the general waste, the Council continues to review all waste management options to deliver the best possible service during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Question: Why collect the green garden waste on a weekend, rather than reinstate the normal week day service?

With the staff that we currently have available, we are unable to reinstate the normal service during the working week.

The Council is using the staff that we have available to focus on the priorities of removing food waste and residual waste from residents’ homes each week.

The one off collection service is provided by staff working paid overtime during the weekends, which they are doing in addition to their weekday work.

Question: When will you be re-introducing other services e.g. food waste, bulky waste collections? Will you do another weekend garden waste collection?

All waste management arrangements are under constant review and information will be released through the Council’s website and our communication channels when further information becomes available.

The council provides updates through the following channels:

·       Facebook

·       Twitter

·       Website -

·       Cardiff Gov app

·       Press releases via Cardiff News Room

·       C2C phone messages