COVID-19 Update: 17th June

In the latest COVID-19 update from Cardiff Council: from Monday, our Recycling Centres will take several of the items that were accepted before lockdown, plus Bessemer Close will take van bookings; we're asking residents to beware the rogue traders offering to take away bulky items; and the simple things that can be done to stop seagulls and other animals ripping open waste bags and scattering mess on the city's streets.


Recycling Centres: More items accepted and Bessemer Close van booking

The types of waste that can be brought to Cardiff's Lamby Way and Bessemer Close recycling centres is changing on Monday, June 22.

Residents will now be able to bring large electrical items, white goods, batteries, clothes, tyres, paint and several other items that were accepted before the COVID-19 Pandemic began.

Non-recyclable such as Polystyrene, shrinkwrap, mirrors and blinds can also be brought to the recycling centres, but have to be brought loose and put in specific skip.

Green-bag-recyclable waste and general waste, however, will not be accepted and anyone who brings these to a recycling centre will have to take their bags home to be picked up by the kerbside collection.

The full list of what can now be brought to the recycling centres, how you can book your vehicle in for an appointment and the new specific van-booking system that will be available at Bessemer Close Recycling Centre are all availablehere

Residents are reminded that if trade waste is found in any of the one-off checks by council staff, their vehicle will be refused entry to the site and enforcement action could be taken.

Bulky item collections: Beware the rogue traders

Cardiff Council is asking residents to beware rogue traders offering to take away bulky items for disposal.

Changes to the type of items which can now be brought to Cardiff's recycling centres from Monday, June 22, mean the council is keen for residents to book an appointment to drop off their bulky items and is warning against using an unlicensed or rogue trader.

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet member for Clean Streets, Recycling and the Environment said: "We've recently received reports from residents on waste being fly-tipped in local neighbourhoods. All of this information is now with our waste enforcement team. We would like to thank residents for their pictures and CCTV coverage, which can be used in our investigations.

"My message to those that are fly tipping, and in some instances seem to have a Waste Carriers License, is simple. We will be following up on all of the information received and we will be working with Natural Resources Wales to take the appropriate action."

Residents are being reminded that they have a duty of care to ensure that anyone removing waste from their home is a registered waste carrier and that a Waste Transfer Note is provided by the company. This note should give the name of the registered site where the waste is being brought to. If waste is found fly tipped and can be traced back to anyone's home, the person who paid for the waste to be removed could be prosecuted.

If residents do have a large amount of waste which they need to have removed from their home because they are renovating their property, the Council does operate a commercial waste service which hires skips. More information is available  here

Residents can also order a bulky waste collection from the council by contacting C2C on (029) 2087 2087.

If your item can be collected for free, you can make a bulky collection on either twitter or facebook using the #QuickQueryCDF. More information is available  here

The full list of what can now be brought to the recycling centres is available  here

Car drivers who want to book an appointment slot to visit a recycling centre should click  here

Van drivers who can book a slot at a recycling centre from Monday, June 22, for the first appointments available from June 29. To make a booking from Monday onwards, please click  here


How to stop seagulls and other animals ripping open waste bags

Residents are being asked to wash out their plastics, tins and glass and to put all leftover food waste in their brown food caddy to stop seagulls and other animals ripping open bags and scattering waste across Cardiff streets.

The council is introducing a system which will see street-cleansing crews working behind waste collectors on afternoon shifts to pick up any spilled waste. However, if bags have been presented incorrectly allowing gulls to scatter waste across the street, the extra time it takes to clean up may make it impossible for the crews to service a complete collection round. The council is therefore asking residents for help to do what they can to keep the gulls and other animals away from their waste.

Cllr Michael said: "The more help we can get from residents the better. Most people do a great job. They recognise the mess that can be caused if food goes into a plastic bag by the side of the street and not into the food caddies which are designed to keep animals out.

"We ask all residents to, please, wash out your recyclable items before you put them into the green bags. For all left-over food waste, including any left-over cooked food, please put this waste into the brown food caddy for collection. This will help stop the seagulls ripping open the bags and causing litter to be strewn all over the city's streets. It will give out crews the help they need to keep the streets clean for everyone."

Plans are being worked up to re-instate fortnightly, green, garden-waste collections as part of the kerbside service in early July. In the meantime all residents will continue to receive a one-off green waste collection during June.

Be mindful of other food sources that could attract rats. Bird feeding is a big problem currently as is food linked with rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Do not put food waste out on the ground for birds and dispose of properly in your caddies.

If you notice rats in your garden or surrounding area then contact Pest Control on 029 2087 2934 further advice or to book a treatment.