COVID-19 Update: 19th June

Welcome to the last COVID-19 update of the week from Cardiff Council, covering: a phased plan to make Cardiff one of UK's ‘safest' cities launched; Cardiff city centre road closures and restrictions put in place as lockdown restrictions are lifted - including a Q&A; and top 5 tips for pest control this summer.


Phased plan to make Cardiff one of UK's ‘safest' cities launched

Shoppers, workers and residents visiting Cardiff city centre from Monday, June 22, will be greeted by staffed Welcome Points, safe walking systems and some road closures as the city launches stage one of its phased plan to safeguard the public as COVID lockdown restrictions begin to lift.

Welsh Government announced on Friday, June 19, that non-essential shops in the city can open from Monday.

Cardiff Council immediately implemented its plan to keep people safe and help businesses to reopen, including:


  • Setting up staffed welcome and information points;
  • Creating a clearly signed walking system - accessible to all;
  • Establishing queuing areas outside shops;
  • Leaving available bench spaces where people can stop to rest;
  • Closing Castle Street and Mill Lane to traffic;
  • Help and advice for people with disabilities including a motorised, buggy, pick-up service.


The new measures are part one of a number of actions the council will bring in over time as more and more restrictions are lifted.

There are further plans to create a public square inside Cardiff Castle; using Castle Street and the Castle moat as a covered area for local restaurants and cafes to deliver food to; delivering more on-street spill out spaces for hospitality businesses; and setting up zones across the city to entertain people outdoors in socially-distanced settings.

The plans, which were published earlier in the month are designed to make Cardiff one of the ‘safest' cities in the UK as life begins its return to ‘normal'.

Leader of Cardiff Council, Cllr Huw Thomas, said: "Welsh Government have only just announced that non-essential shops can open on Monday, so we have three days to get Stage One of our plans in place for Monday morning. We've tried to make these new systems as simple and easy to use as possible, but I'd urge residents to visit our welcome points where they will get answers to any questions they might have. Initially we are looking at getting the basics in place, but we will quickly move to stage two of our plans which will see some new spaces opened up creatively to help local businesses."

You can read the full story here:


Cardiff city centre road closures and restrictions put in place as lockdown restrictions are lifted

Road closures in Cardiff city centre are being put in place to ensure public safety as lockdown restrictions begin to lift in the capital and non-essential shops open their doorsto the public from Monday, June 22.

Road Closures Castle Street and Mill Lane

Castle Street and Mill Lane will be closed to all traffic, from 12 Noon on Sunday, June 21stuntil further notice.

The Castle Street closure will enable the build of a covered, outdoor seating area on Castle Street and in the Castle moat. This area is being designed for local restaurant and cafes to use. It will help them reopen their businesses and serve customers they would otherwise lose because of social distancing requirements on their premises.

Traffic Restrictions

Restrictions will be put in place on Lower St Mary Street,Westgate Streetand Wood Street. While buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians will be allowed access, private vehicles will only be allowed access to car parks and for deliveries.

Residents living on these streets will be able to access their property. Businesses will be able receive deliveries between 12 midnight and 10am.

Park & ride

Pentwyn Park & Ride will be operational on Monday, June 22, with a bus service (restricted in capacity due to social distancing restrictions) from 7am - 7pm.

Cardiff City Football Stadium, Leckwith, Park & Ride will also operate 7am - 7pm from Monday, June 22.

County Hall Cardiff Bay will operate a park and walk/Baycar service from Monday, June 22, 7am - 7pm.


Due to the closure of Castle Street and Mill Lane, additional taxi ranks are being provided for the trade on either side of the closure point on Castle Street, by the Angel Hotel as well as a new rank at the bottom of Kingsway.

The Council will continue to consult with the taxi trade while the new areas bed in.

Accessing the city centre by car

All routes into the city centre for motorists will be open as usual, with access available from the M4 corridor via Junction 30, 32 and 33. Those visiting Cardiff are advised to familiarise themselves with the restrictions to through-traffic in the city centre before they travel.


A new pop-up cycleway has been put in place from Cathedral Road/Cowbridge Road junction, over Canton Bridge, along Castle Street, Duke Street and up to the North Road-Boulevard De Nantes junction.

Additional cycle parking will also be made available in the city centre for the public to use and Park & Stride opportunities are also being explored.

Car parking

All private city centre car parks and on-street parking will be available for the public to use, but at a reduced capacity due to social distancing requirements. All motorists arriving into the city centre will be guided to the closest available parking via digital signs.


All bus companies will have to modify some routes into the city centre due to the closure of Castle Street. All those wishing to travel by bus are asked to visit the relevant bus operator's website for more information about a specific bus route.

For information on Cardiff Bus, please visit

For more information on NAT services, please visit:

For more information on Stagecoach services, please visit:

For more information on National Express Services, please visit:

Click here to read a Q&A on the new arrangements:


Top 5 tips for pest control this summer

We're experiencing an increase in calls and online enquiries into how to deal with pests and infestations.

Specifically, there appears to be an increase in rat sightings at the moment, possibly linked to more people being at home, as well as their normal food sources not being available.  An increase in bird feeding is also accounting for the majority of our calls.

Please see our Top 5 Tips for avoiding pests in the summer months:


  1. More of us have taken to the garden due to lockdown which has led to an increase in bird feeding. As lovely as it is to feed the birds in the garden, especially at the moment, it is important that you keep a look out for rats as, like the birds, they soon get to know there is a regular food source. You should not put food directly on the ground under any circumstances.
  2. If you keep pets outdoors, such as rabbits and guinea pigs or have chickens, remember, their food is also an attractant to rats
  3. If birdseed or pet food is stored in a shed, make sure it is in a sealed and hard container, otherwise rats will be able to gnaw into it
  4. Garden sheds and decking are great places for rats to hide and nest under, keep an eye out for holes or runs appearing in these areas
  5. If pests are tearing open your recycling bags, please rinse food packaging such as bottles, tins, jars and food trays thoroughly, before placing in the bags for collection.


If you do start noticing rat activity within the boundaries of your property, you have a responsibility to take action as it will only get worse if left untreated.

You can treat yourself or use a professional organisation such as Cardiff Council Pest Control Section who can offer advice or provide a low cost treatment service. They can be contacted on 029 2087 2934

Pest Control is not a statutory function but we offer a significantly subsidised service at £55 for 4 visits.

Further advice is available here:

If you are a Council tenant you can request an order via connect to Cardiff on 029 2087 2087 (Option 2). If you are a Housing Association Tenant you should contact your Housing Association as they may have arrangements in place to deal with any rodent problems.