93% recycling and composting rate achieved at Cardiff’s recycling centres


The recycling and composting rate at Cardiff's recycling centres has increased by at least 10% since the lockdown has been eased.


Both facilities at Lamby Way and Bessemer Close are now achieving a 93% recycling and composting rate due to the new measures that have been put in place.

Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Recycling and the Environment, Cllr Michael Michael said: "New measures have been put in place on site to ensure the facilities are safe for both our staff and residents and it is very encouraging to see the recycling rate has increased significantly since the facilities have re-opened.

"The new arrangements - including a new online booking system - are working well, and the feedback we have received from the public has been very positive, as residents are able to get into a recycling centre, socially distance from others, drop off their bulky items and leave the site in about 15 minutes."

The recycling centres have also been re-designed to ensure that residents are able to dispose of bulky items which are not collected as part of the kerbside service.

Green bags of mixed recyclables and black bag/bin waste cannot be brought to the recycling centre and residents are asked to use the kerbside service provided for every household in the city to dispose of this waste.

Cllr Michael added: "It is important that the public recognise that these sites are designed to ensure we can recover as much waste as possible. These facilities are not ‘tips' or ‘dumps' as they were in the past. We want everyone to think about the waste they produce and to think about how they can reduce that waste. We want Wales to be one of the world's best recycling cities in the world and Cardiff to be one of the best recycling cities."

The full list of what can now be brought to the recycling centres, how residents can make an appointment, including the new specific van-booking system thatisavailable at Bessemer Close Recycling Centre are all availablehere

Top tips have been provided for residents on how to use these facilities during the COVID-19 response which can readhere