Top 10 most searched items on our Recycling A-Z – Do you know what goes where?


The most searched for items on our Recycling A-Z have been revealed and you might be surprised at some of the items that don't belong in your green recycling bags.

Take a look at the Top 10 below:

  1. Polystyrene

Often found in the packaging within your delivery boxes, polystyrene can be taken to your local Recycling Centre if it's very large and you're unable to break it down.

You must book in advance of visiting your Recycling Centre, please book a slot  here.

If you are able to break polystyrene into smaller pieces, please place it INSIDE your red striped bags or black bins. Please don't put it outside of your bin or bags on the pavement or in your green recycling bags.

  1. Aluminium Foil

Also referred to as ‘tin foil' or simply ‘foil', the stuff you wrap around your sandwiches can be placed in your green recycling bag.

Please make sure it's clean and roll it into a ball before you put it in.

  1. Tetra Pak cartons

Tetra Paks are items such as orange juice, milk and soup cartons.

We cannot accept Tetra paks in your Green bags as they are made of mixed materials.

Please put them in the special Tetra pak recycling banks at Bessemer Close recycling centre.

  1. Plastics

Recycle plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in your recycling bag. Please give them a rinse first to make sure they are clean and clear of any leftover food.

  1. Cardboard packaging

Choose products with the least packaging.

You can recycle cardboard in your green recycling bag. 

Any cardboard boxes that are too big for your green bag can be put out on the street as long as it is dry and flat packed.

Wet card is difficult to recycle so if it is likely to rain before your next collection please break the car​d up into smaller pieces and place it inside the Green bag or take it to your local recycling centre.


  1. Bags  

Many larger supermarkets have recycling banks, however most of these are closed at this time due to current pandemic. Hang on to them until normal service resumes or recycle and reuse your bags.

We recommend that you re-use your plastic carrier bags or use ‘Bags for Life' when you shop.

If you have unwanted leather or textiles bags, please check with your local charity shop if they are accepting donations.


  1. Hard plastic  

 This includes items such as plastic garden furniture and plastic toys. 

Hard plastic can be placed in the Hard Plastic Skips at your local recycling centre.

You must book in advance of visiting your Recycling Centre, please book a slot  here.

Please do not place hard plastic in your recycling bags. 


  1. Bubblewrap  

Bubblewrap can't be recycled so why not reuse it to wrap up valuables which are going into storage or being posted?

Some charity shops may also take it to wrap up purchases, check with your local charity shop if they'll accept it along with your donations.


  1. Black plastic food trays / ready meal trays

 Good news - you can recycle ready meal trays in your recycling bag. We are able to separate them and send for further sorting and processing.

Before recycling, please remove the plastic film lid from the ready meal tray and place it in your red striped bag or black bin.

  1. Aerosols / deodorant cans

Empty aluminium aerosols can be recycled in your green bag.

Remove the plastic lid and make sure the aerosol can is completely empty of product and gas before putting it out for collection.

What about anything else?

Our Recycling A-Z is available on our website for any time you're not quite sure if your item can be popped in your green recycling bag.

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