Cardiff's Youth Services: Greater support for young people during COVID-19





Provision and support for young people provided by Cardiff Youth Services, has been expanded in order to meet increased demand during COVID-19.

A range of new innovative services have been initiated and many existing services have been increased in order to engage with and support larger numbers of young people across the city, many of whom have not been able to attend school, college or youth provision since March.

The Councilhasreallocated staff to join the designated street based team and Street Based Youth Workers have also been deployed around Cardiff including the city centre, to engage with young people, listen to their views and sign post to additional support.

Digital engagement between services and young people has increased and the Council has appointed a digital officer to oversee this area. Teams from Cardiff Youth Services have created new ways to engage young people in conversation by delivering innovative activities via social media platforms including competitions and Question and Answer sessions.

Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: "The global health crisis has been difficult for everyone, but particularly for young people whose lives may have changed drastically over the last few months.

"Without school, college or engagement through sports and activities, many young people may be feeling isolated and  lonely without regular contact with friends and teachers.

"Through partnership working with schools, hubs and children's services, our teams have played a crucial role in maintaining contact and support, particularly for our most vulnerable young people across the city." 

Other ongoing initiatives include:

-         Welfare checks to support identified groups such ascare experienced young people, disabled groups and minority groups.

-         Youth Mentorsworking remotely with Year 11 pupils to help them transition successfully into post 16 provision

-         Cardiff'sYouth Activity Centresupporting young people with provision such as creative art, cooking, fitness activities and competitions.

-         The Post 16 team providing young parents with emotional support,  food parcels and baby supplies during lockdown.

-         Grassrootscontinuing to provide food for the Post 16 young people who require it and engage safely with young people in the city centre, providing specific information


Cllr Merry added: "Cardiff's Youth Service has come up with creative ways to ensure services have continued and developed . The increased street presence of Youth Workers has been vital in engaging with young people."