This is a COVID-19 alert - Cases in Cardiff are rising fast - Important information

Dear Cardiff Resident,

This is a COVID-19 alert - Cases in Cardiff are rising fast - Important information

The increase in Cardiff case numbers that we are seeing now could not be any more stark. This needs to act as a warning to every one of us about the seriousness of the situation we are now facing.

If current projections continue, then by Christmas week we will be seeing more than four times the number of new infections each day than we were seeing at the start of December. We know from the first and second waves that as case numbers increase, more people get seriously unwell, and we will see more deaths from Covid - many of which can be avoided if we act now.

We are deeply concerned that our hospitals and primary care services are now under sustained pressure due to COVID-19, and sadly the number of people who are becoming very sick is increasing daily.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to act now. We must all follow Welsh Government coronavirus regulations, and if you can take further steps to protect those you love, then we urge you to do so.

We should all keep contact with people outside our household to an absolute minimum until the current threathas passed, but especially in the run-up to Christmas.I know that will be painful for many, especially at this time of year, but if we do this now, we will be doing everything we can to protect our loved ones for the months to come.

We know many people think that the vaccine is here so everything is going to be ok. That's simply not the case. If we don't change our behaviour now, many people will die before the vaccine is rolled out, people who don't need to die, possibly people who you know.

The full roll out of the vaccine will take many months, so now is not the time to be complacent. Very few of us are immune. The virus is still prevalent in our communities and our hospitals and by practising social distancing, washing our hands regularly and wearing face coverings we are all doing our bit to help.

We would ask that you please try and stay at home, please do not mix with other households or your friends, work from home if you are able, and if it is essential to go out please do so in quieter periods. These small steps can really help us all to keep our communities safe.

We are fully mobilised in the fight against COVID-19. But it remains a huge challenge, one that we will best meet if we do it together, just as we did in the Spring. We're asking every one of you to meet that challenge together. Let's stop the spread, and let's keep Cardiff, the NHS and our loved ones safe.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Huw Thomas

Leader of Cardiff Council


Fiona Kinghorn

Executive Director of Public Health

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board


Charles Janczewski

Chair, Cardiff & Vale

University Health Board