10 items to declutter and recycle between Christmas and New Year


Although it's been a very different Christmas for many of us this year, you can guarantee there will still be a trail of clutter after the festivities are over.

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Take a look at our list of 10 Christmas items and make sure you know how to dispose of them correctly:

  1. Christmas dinner leftovers


Turkey bones, sprouts and other leftovers should go into your food waste caddy.


  1. Christmas Crackers


These can't be recycled and should go in your black bin or red striped bags.


  1. Mince pie trays and foil used for cooking


Clean foil, such as mince pie trays, can be recycled in green bags. Just scrunch it up first.


Foil covered in food will contaminate other materials and should be put into black bin/red striped bag.



  1. Plastic/Tin sweet containers, selection boxes and advent calendars


The plastic inner and cardboard outer of selection boxes and advent calendars can go in your green recycling bags.


Tubs which held sweets in plastic or tin containers can also be recycled, so pop them in your green bags.


Or re-use them as Lego storage, a craft box or a biscuit tin. Find more ideas on Pinterest.


  1. Wrapping paper


Ifyou can fit your used wrapping paper in your black bin or red stripe bag, that's great, you don't need to do anything else. Just leave it out for collection.


However, if you have any excess wrapping paper after filling up your bin or red striped bag, then for weeks commencing28thDecember and 4thJanuary only, please put this excess wrapping into a black bin bag and place next to your black bin or red-striped bags and our crews will pick it up. Find out more about why we're collecting it this way here.


If you're looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wrapping paper, check out our guide here.




  1. Real Christmas trees


You will receive a one-off collection of garden waste in January. We will collect real Christmas trees, and any other garden waste from your green bins/garden sacks.


Christmas trees will be collected from outside of your green bin. Please remember to remove all decorations.

You can find your garden waste collection date here.


You can also take green garden waste and real Christmas trees to our recycling centres all year round. Please make a booking before you visit the


Booking your visit keeps numbers down, helps to keep everyone safe on-site and manages social distancing.


  1. Christmas cards


Plain Christmas cards can go into your green recycling bags. Cards with glitter and embellishments can't be recycled so will need to go in our black bin or red striped bags so why not recycle them and use them for crafts, gift tags or bookmarks?



  1. Wine/beer glass bottles, cans


Please rinse empty bottles and cans and pop them in your green recycling bags.

  1. Christmas TV Guide


When you've finished circling your favourite TV programmes in your TV guide, it can go in your green bags for recycling.

  1. Cardboard packaging


If they're too large to go in the bags, put cardboard boxes alongside your green bags for collection. Please wait until a dry day to do this and remove polystyrene first.


You can also take large amounts of cardboard to the recycling centres. Book your next visit here.


Check your waste and recycling collection dates over the Christmas period by downloading theCardiff Gov Appor check your postcode on our website.


Remember, recycling is for life, not just for Christmas.