An update from Cabinet Member for Environment, Clean Streets and Recycling, Cllr Michael Michael


"Following our recent post on Waste and Recycling collections, we want to provide residents with a further update to services.


"Our teams continue to work hard to clear residents' post-Christmas waste and recycling, but the waste tonnage is up by approximately 25% compared to this time last year and our department's workforce has lost 17% of workers who either have COVID or having to isolate.


"We are drafting in teams from other areas of the council to help, but waste collection is a skilled job which involves operating heavy machinery and working around moving vehicles. Staff need to be trained and health and safety has to be foremost in our thoughts.


"Most of the waste being presented for collection comes from an increase in green recycling bags. Recycling bags need to be manually lifted into our vehicles so crews are struggling to complete their normal rounds in time with the large amount of extra bags.


"We do have 15 crews working tomorrow (Saturday, January 9) to help clear the final amount of waste from this week's collections.


"Our priority is to keep the streets clear of litter. Unfortunately this means garden waste collections have had to be delayed to concentrate on removing the recycling, general and food waste.


"As promised, a single garden waste collection will still take place, although there will likely be delays. If you have put your garden waste out for collection and/or your real Christmas tree, please leave it on the kerbside until it is cleared.


"Thank you for your continued support of our hard working crews and for your understanding at this unprecedented time.


"We will continue to update you on our waste and recycling service via our social media channels."