Cardiff Dogs Home set the record straight
Nobody loves dogs more than the team at Cardiff Dogs Home, so when they heard that people are being advised in some social media groups, to ignore their legal obligation to contact them if they find a stray, for reasons that simply aren’t true, they wanted to put the record straight.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Michael Michael said: “It’s disappointing that a minority of people are choosing to spread false information about Cardiff Dogs Home at a time when, with the help of a fundraising drive led by Welsh rugby legend Sam Warburton and the recently formed Rescue Hotel charity, we’re looking to refurbish the kennels and provide Cardiff’s dogs with an even higher standard of care.”

“Sadly, in a very small minority of cases, there is no choice but to put a dog we’re looking after to sleep.  This is only ever done on the medical advice of a vet, if we’re legally obligated to because it’s a banned breed, or if, after extensive work with a canine behaviourist, a dog is still so aggressive it would be dangerous to re-home.

“To be clear - dogs are not routinely put to sleep at Cardiff Dogs Home. There are dogs boarding at the home who have been there for many, many months and they’ll stay there, being well looked after and cared for, until the team can find them a forever home.“

In 2019/20, 695 stray dogs came through the doors of Cardiff Dogs Home. 359 of them (51.6%) were returned to their owner. 329 (47.3%) were re-homed and only 7 (1%) were put to sleep, with 3 of these being due to medical advice, and 4 due to behavioural issues.

If you do find a dog straying, this is what to do:

·       Contact Cardiff Dogs Home on 029 2071 1243. If you find a dog that is out on its own, you are legally obliged to contact the local authority. For the Cardiff area that is Cardiff Dogs Home. This is to ensure that the correct process is followed and that the dog is returned to its true owner.

·       The team will arrange for a Warden to collect the dog and scan it for a microchip, to reunite it with the owner. If there is no microchip the dog will be taken to Cardiff Dogs Home where it will be cared for until the owner comes to collect it. Alternatively, you can take a stray directly to the Dogs Home at any time, 24/7 – call in advance, if you are doing this

·       If no one claims the dog, after 7 days it will become the legal property of Cardiff Dogs Home and the process of finding the dog a new, forever home will begin.

This is what not to do:

·       You should not keep the dog, or put posts on social media that give people so much information that anyone could claim to be the owner of the dog. Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with all the complexities of dog ownership and related disputes. It’s possible you may have found a dog that has been stolen and the Dogs Home may have information about the history and circumstances around an individual dog.

·       Do not contact a Vet. They are only undertaking essential consultations at he moment and can’t take in stray dogs to scan for microchips, look up databases and then contact owners to reunite dogs. This is what Cardiff Dogs Home and the Warden Service is for.

To find out more about Cardiff Dogs Home visit: Welcome to Cardiff Dogs Home - Cardiff Dogs Home

If you would like to make a donation to help Sam Warburton and the Rescue Hotel raise funds for Cardiff Dogs Home, visit