Teenage Litter Heroes keeping their community tidy


Ask most teenagers what they're doing in their spare time during lockdown and you're likely to hear a mixed bag of interests.

Many like to spend their free time with family, going shopping, reading, spending time outside safely with their friends or they could mention Netflix marathons and practising Tik Tok trends (so we're told...)

However, two local teenagers are spending their free time doing good in their local communities by tackling the litter problem.

14-year-old Arjen Bhal and 13-year-old Jaden Manns from Lisvane and Grangetown tell us why they're volunteering with Keep Grangetown Tidy:

🚮What made you want to get involved in litter picking in the community?

Jaden:The community of Grangetown during lockdown had shown a great family spirit and I noticed there were many volunteers helping out to keep the surrounding area clean. I wanted to be a part of this and as part of my Duke of Edinburgh's Award decided that this would be a great opportunity to give something back to my community and keep Grangetown clean. It was also a great chance to spend time with family, friends and of course walk Bruno the dog!

Arjen:I was planning to do my Duke of Edinburgh's Award and I wanted to do something that would help me give back to the community and I also wanted to spend more time with my friends, family and Milo our dog.

🚮What made you want to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme?

Jaden:Our school is heavily involved every year in organising many expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh and have done so for many years. Growing up, I have seen many of my peers succeed in personal challenges and volunteering activities and they have had positive benefits from this experience.

Arjen:Lots of my family have taken part in DofE and have had great experiences so I thought it would be a cool thing to do.

🚮What message would you say to people your age who are thinking about volunteering in their community?

Jaden:Come and join us! You can volunteer safely, social distance and enjoy the great outdoors whilst keeping Cardiff clean and be part of doing something positive towards climate change. Time goes by very fast, and the dogs get a good walk as well!

 Arjen:I think it is a great idea as you get a sense of belonging to the community and giving something back. Furthermore, you get to meet great and new people which is always fun. 

Thank you Arjen and Jaden - and all our Litter Heroes - for doing such a fantastic job and continuing to help Keep Cardiff Tidy.

Feeling inspired? Get involved!

If you're feeling inspired by Arjen and Jaden story and would like to get involved, further guidance on socially distanced litter picking can be found on the Keep Cardiff Tidy website,

Please report littervia our websiteor join thousands of residents and visitors who have downloaded the Cardiff Gov App for a smarter way to connect with council services andreport littering here.

Photo credit: Parents of Jaden and Arjen - Nisha and Pete, Nadia and Kiron