Cardiff Children play a part in new service development for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


School children from Cardiff have played a significant role in the launch of a new service development within the Cardiff Health Access Practice(CHAP).

Through partnership working with Child Friendly Cardiff andCardiff and Vale University Health Board, young people from St Mary the Virgin C/W School in Butetown were invited to design a logo for the expansion of services provided by CHAP. In the coming months, the CHAP service will be opening up to provide access to health assessments and public health screening to a wider group of vulnerable individuals or those who have difficulties accessing healthcare. This will include those who are homeless or seeking sanctuary in the city. 

The competition brief asked that entriesrepresent people from all over the world who may use the serviceand also reflect the theme that Cardiff is a welcoming city where people can establish roots and grow.

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Winners withDr Ayla CoshClinical DirectoratCardiff Health Access Practice


Three winners were selected with elements of each design to be incorporated into the final logo; Muna's sunflower design was chosen for itsrepresentation of strength and long life, Malak's globe design was chosen to represent service users from all over the world and Mohammed's sunflower with rainbow leaves was selected to reflect the diversity of service users, all of who are welcome.

Pupils from Willows High School made up the judging panel and Muna, Malak and Mohammed  will now work with graphic Design company ‘Turnip Starfish' to develop their designs and bring them to life.

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Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: "Cardiff's ambition to becoming a recognised Child Friendly City is gaining momentum and our vision that all children and young people should have their voices heard, is being realised now more than ever.

"Working with our city-wide partners on projects like this, shows that everyone is putting child rights first, ensuring that children and young people play a part in decision making across the capital. 

"The new health care service is crucial, helping and supporting many of Cardiff's families, so I am delighted that children are being engaged with and playing a role in this creative way."

Len Richards, Chief Executive, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said:"It's an exciting time for the Health Board as we are expanding the services provided by CHAP and offering the service to more of our vulnerable groups in the community. The service currently caters for Cardiff's most vulnerable groups including asylum seekers and safe haven patients but will launch with a new name and a new brand, thanks to thepupilsfrom St Mary the Virgin C/W School who have helped with the logo design.

"We'd like to thank our partners and the school pupils in helping us get this far. We'll let people know when the new service development will launch, please keep following the Health Board's website and social media channels for updates."

Headteacher at St Mary the Virgin C/W Primary School, NickiPrichard said:

 "As a school we are fully committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for children from all over the world. Our diverse community is representative of what Cardiff seeks to be - a child friendly environment that places humanity, kindness and compassion at the centre. 


"We have been thrilled to be involved in a project that encourages our pupils to reflect on the inclusive community around them and celebrate it in such a creative way, knowing the pride they will feel when they see their design being used to represent this important new service."

Cardiff's Child Friendly vision, places the rights and voices of children and young people at the heart of the city's policies, strategies and services.

Recently, the UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK) recognised the pioneering role that Cardiff Council has played as one of the first to join its Child Friendly Cities and Communities programme and that good progress has been made in embedding children's rights into the Council's strategies and the way in which our young people are supported and nurtured.

As a result, UNICEF UK has recommended that Cardiff submits for Child Friendly City recognition later this year.

The CHAP team work closely with internal partners including the Infectious diseases and Tuberculosis team, the department of Sexual Health, the local CMHT and Traumatic Stress Service. CHAP also has close links with Cardiff Council/Housing and local and national third sector agencies who provide vital support for the service users. 

For more information about the CHAP service, visit the Health Board's website