Statement on the Velodrome


A Cardiff Council spokesperson said: "Plans for the new velodrome in the Bay are supported by key cycling organisations including British Cycling, Welsh Cycling, Welsh Triathlon, the Maindy Flyers, Cardiff Ajax and many other cycling clubs across the region. They have been involved in helping us shape the specifications for the velodrome so it works for the majority of people who will want to use it, from beginners to professional riders.

"We look forward to sharing those plans with Geraint when he returns from Tokyo. His success has enthused a new generation of Welsh cyclists and we believe the new velodrome will give them the arena where they can learn to hone their skills creating new memories and new medal winners."

Ann Adams-King CEO of Welsh Cycling said: "Welsh Cycling have been involved with Cardiff Council in the discussions about the relocation of the velodrome from Maindy to the Sports Village and are excited about the opportunities that this will bring for cycling.

"As well as Welsh Cycling's involvement throughout the process, British Cycling have also provided technical input. Furthermore, we have been assured of no lack of continuity of use between Maindy and the new facility.

"We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with the Council's Project Team to help to develop a facility that will support the growth of cycling. The development will include a purpose built velodrome with modern facilities including a club house and spectator stand along with a 1km closed road circuit and a large format bike shop. We believe this will be a great facility to replace Maindy for existing users and provides an excellent opportunity to attract new cyclists to these exciting new facilities."

Chief Executive Officer of Welsh Triathlon Cymru, Beverley Lewis, said: "Welsh Triathlon are excited by the increased opportunities which will be provided by the re located Cardiff Velodrome and welcome the partnership working with the City and other sports organisations which is enabling provision to be made for as wide a range of users as possible."

A spokesperson for Maindy Flyers said:  "As a growing club, with over 150 members who are under 18, we support the development of improved facilities enabling the further growth in the club's activity.  A seamless transition to the new velodrome and closed road circuit facility will help take the Maindy Flyers legacy to the next level."

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