Report pinpoints work done to support Cardiff during COVID



More than 40 million items of PPE delivered across Cardiff, and 2,295 food packages delivered to people shielding from COVID-19 in the city, are just some of the incredible Social Services numbers which have been revealed in a report to Cardiff Council.

Theworkthat both Adults' and Children's Social Services undertook throughout the pandemic is highlighted in the 2020/21 Local Authority's Social Services Annual Report.

The report's findings show that:

  • 40.5 million items of PPE were deliveredacross the city to 159 care providers and 162 schools;
  • 2,295 food packages delivered directly tothose shielding or who needed additional support outside of national arrangements; and
  • 146 staffwererepurposed into frontline social care provision, and more than 1200 volunteers joined forces to "worktogether for Cardiff" during the height of the pandemic.

The report also pinpoints the rise in demand Children's Social Services experienced during the outbreak,including:

  • 37,503 contacts* were recorded in 2020/21 up from 31, 323 last year;
  • 4,690 referrals were made, up from; 2,594
  • 2,651wellbeing assessmentswere carried out upfrom2,218;
  • 1,081 applicationsprocessed byFamily Gateway which received a South Wales Police recognition award for its contribution to community support;
  • 648 children were added to the Child Protection Register up from 399; and
  • 487 children and young people are receiving support from the council's Family Help and Family Help Disability teams.


Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Cllr Graham Hinchey said: "These figures speak for themselves and clearly show the impact the pandemic has had on Social Services, increasing demand across the board. They illustrate the substantial challenges and pressures experienced by our workforce over the past 17 months. The team have worked hard to ensure some of the city's most vulnerable children and young people have been able to access the support and care that they need."

In Adult Social Services the report revealed:

  • 43,000 calls were received via the First Point of Contact Community service and it maintained a 99% answer rate
  • 26,168contacts received through the council's First Point of Contact;
  • 5,500 people supported over the past year;
  • 4,055 Care and Support Plans and 3,656 Reviews completed;
  • 567 Wellbeing Carers Assessments undertaken; and
  • 93% of clients reported they felt able to live at home more independently as a result of the support received.

Cardiff Council's Cabinet Member for Social Care, Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Susan Elsmore said: "The care sector has faced considerable challenges during the pandemic and the efforts and dedication of our social care teams has been critical to Cardiff's response. Our teams have gone above and beyond to keep the city's most vulnerable citizens safe, supported and connected, during these most difficult times and I thank them for all their incredible efforts,and I also want to put on record my personal thanks to all of the volunteers who stepped forward in the city's time of need. It really showed us all what a great city Cardiff is and with a sense of community there is here."

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