#PositiveFuturesCDF – Tyler, 16, riding high thanks to Cardiff Youth Service


Cardiff Youth Service, part of our Education department, works with young people aged 11-25 to develop their personal, social and educational development through a variety of opportunities.

During the pandemic, they have continued to offer some of their services at a time when young people needed them the most.

Tyler,16, struggled to leave the house during lockdown but wanted to develop his fitness and self-confidence during a very difficult time for him and his family.

An assessment with Cardiff Youth Service helped highlight any barriers he had towards education and connecting with school and made an action plan to help him fulfil his goals.

Cardiff Youth Service incorporated bike riding into visits with Tyler, providing an excellent opportunity to talk.

Meeting twice a week, the team worked with Tyler to help improve his physical and mental health - he took on regular 10 mile bike rides and was determined to hit 10,000 steps a day.

After discussing what he'd like to achieve with his education, Tyler completed 4 modules of a professional development (AQA) course and will embark on a course at Cardiff and Vale College in September 2021.

To celebrate Tyler's successes, Cardiff Youth Service presented him with a bike to help get him to and from college and continue support his positive physical and mental health.

Tyler said: "I now feel confident and I enjoy leaving the house.

Thank you to my Youth Mentor for helping me see things can be different, and people can be trusted"

A huge thank you to Cardiff Youth Service for everything that you do to support our city's young people.

Young people can also access a range of support and advice from qualifications to mental health, by visiting one of the following websites:






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