#PositiveFuturesCDF - Coed Glas Litter Heroes




As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and temperatures rise, many of us are flocking to Cardiff's parks and outdoor spaces to soak up the sun and enjoy spending time outdoors with loved ones.


However, images on social media have shown some residents and visitors leaving behind a sea of litter after a day in the sun.


Shocked at the photos, two of our primary school pupils decided to take matters into their own hands.


Kevin Feng and Oliver Paget, both 10 years old, and in Year 5 at Coed Glas Primary School designed a poster encouraging people to stop polluting their local environment and instead look after the place that they live.


Kevin says, "Our main objective was to make sure people look after the Bay. The photographs shocked me because so many people left their rubbish on the floor." 


Oliver agrees, "We thought of making this poster because if people don't respect the Bay it is a risk to humans and animals."


Charlotte Ross,CommunityDevelopment Coordinator for Love Where You Livesays, "I was absolutely thrilled to see Kevin and Oliver's poster. Their message to ‘Have fun but remember to clean up after yourself' is spot on. 


Cardiff has such fantastic outdoor spaces to enjoy, but it's important that we all remember to take care of them too. If we can all be a bit more like Kevin and Oliver, we will be going in the right direction."


Our Love Where You Live team has gifted Kevin and Oliver withre-usable water bottles, litter hero badge, recycling themed pen and t-shirt, all in a re-usable bag with a thank you note from Charlotte.


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