#PositiveFuturesCDF - Speeding ahead into the F1 UK finals!




Congratulations to three teams from Ysgol Bro Edern who raced to the finish line andqualified for theF1 in Schools UK finals!

F1 in Schoolsis a competitionwhere students form F1 teams and design, make, test then race a miniature F1 in Schools car. If successful teams compete nationally, with the best teams winning a place at the F1 in Schools World Finals. 

Competing in the Wales Regional finals, all three teamsHypernova, Imperium and Astra sped to the finish line and successfully came 1stand 2ndplaces and qualified for the UK national finals!

The teams designed their cars on paper at home during lockdown, and when they returned to school in September, they learnt Fusion 360 and designed a CAD version on each car. Through hard work and dedication each team shone through as they produced Engineering drawings, Enterprise & Design portfolios and a digital presentation. Here are the results:

F1 in Schools Regional Finals: Wales
Team Hypernova - 1st place! Development class.
Team Imperium -2nd place! Fastest car - Development class.
Team Astra -2nd place! - Professional finish.

Dewi Thomas,Subject Leader of Technologysaid: "The pupils had worked so hard through isolation periods, school closures and not being able to meet. They had done brilliantly just to compete this year; it was beyond our wildest expectations that they would get a 1st & 2nd places and all qualify."


Team Hypernova said:"FIRST! Can't believe we won the DEV Wales Regionals AND are going to UK Nationals! Huge congratulations to our school teams Imperium and Astra for coming second in DEV and second in PRO. They are joining us in UK Nationals!"

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Team Imperiumsaid: "We would like now to take the time to thank you for giving us this opportunity. Throughout these past difficult months, F1 has brought us together and kept us connected through multiple lockdowns and isolations. Our love and passion for F1 is forever growing and we really appreciate all this organisation does for us and the opportunities you give us."

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Team Astra said:"We would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity! We had so much fun competing in this competition and made many friends along the way, thank you for this incredible opportunity we will all take some incredible memories and lessons away for this experience."

Massive congratulations goes to Team Hypernova, Team Imperium and Team Astra!


Good luck in theUK national finals!


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