Cllr Caro Wild welcomes new nextbike partner and e-bikes



Cllr Caro Wild, Cardiff Council Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, said: "I am delighted to see OVO Energy coming on board as a key partner, and nextbike adding e-bikes to the fleet. This is further endorsement of Cardiff as a cycle-city, and the tremendous appetite there is amongst residents, commuters and visitors to travel the capital by bike.

"As a Council, we are getting on with the work to put the right infrastructure in place to enable those travelling by bike to do so safely, comfortably and with confidence, and to encourage even more people to get into the saddle. Our 10 year transport strategy includes the Council's plans to build five main cycleways across the city, connected to a city centre loop of high quality cycleways, and that work is well and truly underway.

"By improving cycling, as well as walking and public transport options for everyone, we can encourage more and more people to leave their cars at home, reducing congestion, cleaning the air we breathe and helping us all become a little healthier.

"The OVO Energy partnership, nextbike's continued investment in its fleet, and Cardiff Council's continuing work to build the cycle infrastructure needed, all show that Cardiff is really going places when it comes to creating the sustainable-transport city both we and future generations so desperately need."