Fly tipper ordered to pay £300 at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court


Sherifa Actie, 27, from Beauchamp Street, Cardiff, was ordered to pay £300 and received a Conditional Discharge for 12 months at Cardiff Magistrates' Court last Tuesday (September 7) for fly tipping a large number of black bags in a back lane close to her property.


On Tuesday May 5th, 2020, the council received a complaint about fly tipping in the back lane of Beauchamp Street and Plantagenet Street. When the enforcement officer arrived on site, a large number of fly tipped black bags were found - full of top soil - with evidence found linking the waste back to Miss Actie's property.


When the officer arrived at the property, it was clear that Miss Actie was having a patio built in her back garden. Miss Actie accepted that the soil came from her garden and explained to the officer that arrangements were being made for its removal. The fly tipped waste was not removed by May 26th2020, so enforcement action was taken, as further complaints were received from the public.

A Fixed Penalty Notice was issued on December 1stand was not paid, so the case was listed for legal action.

Councillor Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Environment and Recycling, said: "This case should have been resolved before it went to court. If you are having work carried out at your property, you are responsible for the waste that is generated and you need to budget for its removal.

"Dumping waste in a back lane, so it obstructs others as well as causing an eyesore in the local community is not acceptable. This case clearly highlights that if an individual doesn't pay a Fixed Penalty Notice when they are caught, we will take the case to court and publicise the case through the media."