Upcoming closures: Cardiff Bay Barrage





Please be advised, due to ticketed events taking place at Alexandra Head, the Barrage site will be closed to non-ticket holders from the Porth Teigr roundabout to the Penarth end of the Barrage on:


  • Thursday 16 Septemberfrom 4.30pm - midnight
  • Friday 17 Septemberfrom midday - 12.30am
  • Saturday 18 Septemberfrom midday - 12.30am
  • Sunday 19 Septemberfrom midday - midnight


Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: "The Barrage will be open to everyone until 4:30pm on Thursday and until midday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


"From these times until midnight on Thursday and Sunday and until 12:30am after the Titan Festivals on the weekend, the site will be open to ticket holders only.


"If you're travelling from Penarth, please make sure you're on theCardiff side of the Barrage before the site closes. All access to the gigs will be on the Cardiff side of the Barrage where security, soft ticket checks and COVID checks will be set upby the event organisers.


"If you're a ticket holder, the entrance and exit for the events will be near the Porth Teigr roundabout, the Bay end of the Barrage Walkway.


"Up to 11,000 ticket holders will be at these events each day so it would be difficult, if not impossible, for commuters or cyclists to cross the Barrage safely.


"Such high-profile acts attract a lot of interest and if the Barrage remained open, potentially large crowds could gather. Closing the site will reduce the risks associated with the gathering of large crowds in the area,including blocked access for people commuting or walking, preventing emergency vehicles accessing the area if required, risk of overcrowding and congestion on entry and exit to the events and the potential for non-ticket holders to get into the event, which could lead to a similar situation seen at the recent European Championships at Wembley.


"This is the first time events have been held at Alexandra Head since before the pandemic andwe want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable return to outdoor events at this venue."


Signs on the closures will be in place in the area early next week, further information can be found on the Harbour Authority website