Current Pressures in Social Care



Like most local authorities in Wales, Cardiff Council continues to experience unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19. Social care has been particularly impacted as the demand for services rise, while at the same time there is a nationwide workforce shortage of key staff across the sector. 


Social care partners delivering care on our behalf have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to meet the needs of vulnerable citizens, but are now struggling to meet that demand at the same time as providing the increased levels of care required. 


Whilst we work on resolving these issues in the short term, arrangements may be adjusted temporarily in some circumstances. For example, this might bring changes to visit or appointment times or changes to staff members.


As a council we're reaching out to individuals and families to explain more about this situation, and to ask them kindly for their understanding and cooperation during this period. We are also thanking them for their ongoing support and cooperation as we do everything possible to return to normal arrangements.


A range of advice and information to support wellbeing, as well as information about people, local organisations and services that can help, can be found via the Dewis Cymru website https://www.Dewis.Wales (or search for Dewis Cymru).


If anyone is awaiting contact from Adult Services, or believes they or their family member need either an urgent assessment or review of their care and support needs, please make contact with Adult Services on 029 2053 6422 or via email


On a related note, and to support both short and longer term solutions, we would encourage everyone considering a career in care to visit the www.WeCare.Wales website where there is a range of jobs on offer. The Councils Into Work team can also provide bespoke support to people interested in working in care.

This can include free training, personal mentoring, and access to a barriers-fund to help with childcare and travel for eligible candidates. The team can be contacted by calling 029 20 871 071 or by emailing or by visiting the website