Cardiff Council Update: 15 October

Here is the latest update from Cardiff Council, covering: Council will lead the way in drive to deliver a carbon neutral Cardiff by 2030; Cardiff extends record for most Green Flag standard spaces in Wales; Cardiff's COVID-19 case and test numbers; cases reported in Cardiff's schools in the last seven days; vaccination totals for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan; and Greenway Primary School hosts The Queen's Green Canopy Tree Planting.


Council will lead the way in drive to deliver a carbon neutral Cardiff by 2030

The One Planet Strategy - which sets out Cardiff Council's plans to deliver a carbon neutral local authority by 2030 - has been published and approved by Cardiff Council's Cabinet. 

The council has spent the past year calculating the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) (expressed as an equivalent carbon dioxide emission (CO2e)) it produces, while looking at ways in which emissions can be reduced.

The latest figures show that Wales' capital is responsible for 1,626,056 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2e) every year, with around 184,904 tonnes generated by the council.

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Recycling and Environment, said: "There is little doubt that climate change is the defining global challenge of our generation. This Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, and since then we have been working hard to build a strategy that sets out how the council will become carbon neutral by 2030.

"Over the past 5 years this administration has successfully reduced Cardiff Council's carbon emissions from electricity by 70%. As part of our One Planet strategy, we have projects already up and running or ready to go which, when fully implemented, will reduce our emissions by 57% by 2030. We also have a series of proposals, which we are now developing business cases for, which we believe will deliver a carbon-neutral council by 2030.

"Ideally we want the whole city to be carbon neutral by 2030. To do that we know we have to lead by example. It is the right thing to do, and we know it is what the majority of people in Cardiff want us to do.

"Our plan is to front up, show what can be achieved, and to do our best to bring our residents, businesses and the public sector together on this journey, to create the greener, cleaner, healthier city we all want. Reducing total carbon emissions created by the city is a major challenge. The council is making a head start on that too. We are introducing a raft of measures which, if fully implemented, could cut the city's total emissions by 22% by 2030. Transport accounts for 41% of all carbon emissions created in Cardiff right now. It is the largest single producer of carbon in the city. This is why our Transport White Paper is clearly aimed at reducing private car use while boosting public transport and active travel use. This will be key to reducing citywide emissions."

The public, business, key stakeholders and the youth of Cardiff were consulted on the draft One Planet Strategy in late 2020 and early 2021 and the results, alongside the council's carbon data analysis identified two priorities:

  • to reduce energy consumption and the reliance on fossil fuels; and,
  • to increase the number of trees planted while increasing biodiversity across Cardiff.

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Cardiff extends record for most Green Flag standard spaces in Wales

Flags will fly above Cardiff's parks and green spaces following an announcement today by Keep Wales Tidy.

Waterloo Gardens has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag for the first time, meaning 15 parks and green spaces managed by Cardiff Council now hold this this coveted international accolade.

Bute Park, Cardiff Bay Barrage, Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve, Cathays Cemetery, Flat Holm Island, Forest Farm, Grange Gardens, Hailey Park, Heath Park, Parc Cefn Onn, Roath Park, Rumney Hill Gardens, Thornhill Cemetery and Victoria Park have all retained their existing awards.

The awards are judged by independent green space experts against a range of strict criteria including biodiversity, community involvement, cleanliness and environmental management.

In celebration of the city's Green Flag success, which also includes 19 Community Awards and a Full Green Flag Award for St Fagan's Natural History Museum, Cardiff City Hall and the Barrage sails will be lit in green this evening.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: "Cardiff now has more Green Flag spaces than anywhere else in Wales and to add Waterloo Gardens this year is a testament to the commitment and hard work of the team.

"The experiences of the last 18 months have caused many people to re-evaluate their priorities and think about environmental issues and our parks and green spaces have become more important than ever.

"This is a fantastic achievement for our dedicated council staff and Friends Groups who have done an incredible job maintaining our parks under the most challenging circumstances.

"Our Friends Groups and volunteers are vital to our city's parks - this has become even more apparent with the community events over the last few months - and I'd like to thank them for the work they have put in to help us achieve the high standards needed for Green Flag status."

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Cardiff Cases and Tests - 7 Days Data (04 October - 10 October)

Based on latest figures from Public Health Wales

Data correct as of:

14 October 2021, 09:00


Cases: 2,588

Cases per 100,000 population: 705.4 (Wales: 531.7 cases per 100,000 population)

Testing episodes: 12,172

Testing per 100,000 population: 3,317.5

Positive proportion: 21.3% (Wales: 17.6% positive proportion)


COVID-19 Cases reported in Cardiff's schools in the last 7 days (08/10/21 to 14/10/21)

Total number reported = 1207

  • Pupils and students = 1116
  • Staff, including teaching staff = 91

Based on latest figures, there are just under 57,000 pupils and students enrolled at Cardiff's schools in total.


Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Vaccination Status Update - 15 October

Data provided by CAVUHB

Based on the figures available at the time of publication.

Please note that there may be minor amendments to data as it is validated over time.


The total number of vaccination doses given by the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board so far, in both local authority areas:  749,888 (1stDose: 374,110 2ndDose: 344,060)


  • 80 and over: 20,435 / 94.6% (1stDose) 20,225 / 93.6% (2ndDose)
  • 75-79: 15,016 / 96.4% (1stDose) 14,846 / 95.3% (2ndDose)
  • 70-74: 21,409 / 95.7% (1stDose) 21,279 / 95.1% (2ndDose)
  • 65-69: 21,959 / 94.2% (1stDose) 21,702 / 93.1% (2ndDose)
  • 60-64: 26,038 / 92.4% (1stDose) 25,699 / 91.2% (2ndDose)
  • 55-59: 29,393 / 90.3% (1stDose) 28,872 / 88.7% (2ndDose)
  • 50-54: 29,072 / 88.1% (1stDose) 28,386 / 86% (2ndDose)
  • 40-49: 55,476 / 81.8% (1stDose) 53,433 / 78.8% (2ndDose)
  • 30-39: 60,872 / 75.7% (1stDose) 56,807 / 70.7% (2ndDose)
  • 18-29: 80,408 / 76.9% (1stDose) 71,512 / 68.4% (2ndDose)
  • 16-17: 4,003 / 73.1% (1stDose) 291 / 5.3% (2ndDose)


  • Care home residents: 2,176 / 98.1% (1stDose) 2,145 / 96.7% (2ndDose)
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable: 11,247 / 94.2% (1stDose) 11,035 / 92.5% (2ndDose)
  • Underlying Health Conditions: 46,194 / 90.2% (1stDose) 44,534 / 86.9% (2ndDose)


Greenway Primary School hosts The Queen's Green Canopy Tree Planting

Greenway Primary School in Rumney has today hosted a special tree planting ceremony to mark Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

The Queen's Green Canopy is a unique initiative which invites people across the United Kingdom to "Plant a Tree for the Jubilee". As part of the scheme, 70 Celebration Trees are being gifted to primary schools in 69 cities across the UK with the aim of highlighting the educational aspects of trees and the significance of giving young people access to nature.

Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Mrs. Morfudd Meredith presented the tree, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, during a ceremony at the school.

Cardiff Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry was joined at the event by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Rod McKerlich and Lady Mayoress, Mrs. Sue McKerlich, Greenway Primary School Headteacher Nic Naish and Vice Chair of Governors Stacey Clausen.

Other guests included High Sheriff of South Glamorgan, Peter Dewey and local Councillors and pupils from took part in the ceremony, including a performance from the school choir.

Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan, Mrs. Morfudd Meredith said: "Earlier this month, Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales joined by local schoolchildren, marked the start of the official planting season for The Queen's Green Canopy, at the Balmoral Estate. It also marked the start of The Queen's Green Canopy education programme which seeks to inspire young people as the future custodians of our green spaces, forests and woodlands.

"I am delighted to have today presented a local Cardiff school, Greenway Primary, with a tree on behalf of Her Majesty and I am so pleased for the interest taken by the Headmaster, Nic Naish and the pupils in this project.

"In addition the Queen's Green Canopy is encouraging all schools to get involved with planting trees for the Jubilee, with free packs available through their partners the Woodland Trust and the Conservation Volunteers. The project encourages everyone to plant trees as a simple natural solution to climate change, cleaner air, habitat for wildlife and enhancement of health and wellbeing."

Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: "Ensuring that children and young people have access to green spaces and outdoor areas is key. I am delighted that Greenway Primary School has been selected to receive this special tree, an initiative that will allow pupils to feel inspired by nature and encourage them to take ownership of their local surroundings but also the parks, forests and woodlands across the city."

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