Westgate Street bus gate will be installed by October 31st


A new bus gate will be installed on Westgate Street by October 31
st- to support the prioritisation of bus travel and sustainable modes of transport to improve air quality.

The change will mean the road cannot be used as a through route in either direction for any traffic apart from buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians.

This change is a key component of the council's Clean Air Plan, agreed with Welsh Government following a legal directive to ensure air quality in and around the city centre were kept below legal limits.

The road layout in the city centre is undergoing significant change at the moment, so that more space is allocated for buses, cyclists and pedestrians, as the council continues to encourage the use of public transport and active travel to reduce the reliance on private cars so as to decrease carbon emissions and improve local air quality.

As Castle Street re-opens to private vehicles by the end of October, controls are being put in place to manage traffic flow in this part of the city centre. The new bus gate on Westgate Street will help the control room manage this traffic flow, along with additional controls to junctions on adjoining streets, on Cathedral Road, Dumphries Place and North Road. Additional traffic flow and air quality monitors have been installed in nearby residential areas.

Residents living on Westgate Street will be able to access their properties from the north, via Castle Street and if motorists do enter Westgate Street by mistake, diversion routes will be in place to ensure motorists have options to turn around, so they don't have to drive through the bus gate.

From the north, motorists will be required to loop back via Guildhall Place, St Mary Street, Golate and back on to Westgate Street

From the South, motorists will be required to use Wood Street, Scott Road, Park Street and Havelock Street.

What is a bus gate?

A bus gate is installed on a street that effectively creates a short cut for buses and restricts motorists using the specific route or road. If a private vehicle drives through a bus gate, it is a moving traffic offence, similar to driving in a bus lane, or stopping illegally in a yellow box junction and the motorist is liable to a Penalty Charge Notice of £75. Enforcement cameras will be put in place to stop Westgate Street being used as a through route.