River Taff at Forest Farm Maintenance Works



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Essential maintenance work conducted by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), is due to take place next to the River Taff at Forest Farm, from Wednesday 10 November.


The work includes removing hawthorn growing alongside the flood wall next to Forest Farm Road to make sure it remains stable.


NRW will also clear the embankment to keep it relatively free of vegetation so it can be easily inspected for any damage.


The vegetation is also cleared to allow grass to grow on the embankment. Grass creates a strong and consistent root network, making the banks more resilient.


The footpath running alongside Forest Farm Road near the rugby club and sports field will be closed, but the road itself will remain open for cars to use and for people to continue using the Taff trail.


Future works include essential safety work to trees. All trees, that can be retained in this woodland will be retained, both living and dead, as they provide very important habitat for a wide variety of species.


The work is expected to be completed by Wednesday 17 November 2021.


Natural Resources Wales customer contact number is: 03000 65 3000