Action on Equality – Cardiff Council becomes first Local Authority in Wales to sign the Community Jobs Compact


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Today, Cardiff Council has signed the Community Jobs Compact (CJC) which will help promote job opportunities in the community and support local people to apply.

As an employer that recruits using name and address blind CVs in recruitment, addresses unconscious bias by introducing training for interviewers and has committed to paying the Living Wage since September 2012,we've been building on these commitments for the last 5 years.

In addition, we commit to building relationships and support for community members to access job opportunities within the council.

The CJC aims to bring local people and employers together to tackle poverty, unemployment, and under-representation in the workforce through:

  • Real Living Wage accreditation.
  • Fair recruitment practices, including name- and address-blind CVs and unconscious bias training.
  • Job security, including no compulsion for zero-hours contracts.

This is part of our commitment to tackle race equality in Cardiff from proposals by the Race Equality Taskforce.

Find out morehere.

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