Llandaff City CIW Primary School; ‘A nurturing learning environment where pupils develop effective skills' says Estyn.


Inspectors have describedLlandaff City CIW Primary Schoolas "a nurturing learning environment where pupils develop effective skills in areas such as language and mathematics."

Following its visit in December, a team from Estyn, the education inspectorate for Wales, found that thesenior leaders have established a vision for the school based firmly around its Christian ethos and the nurturing of pupils' social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs. This purposeful vision is shared by all, including pupils, and ensures that the school is a warm and caring learning environment. There is a strong culture of safeguarding at the school and all staff understand well their role in this.

Estyn found that school leaders work diligently to provide the best for all, working thoughtfully, with pupils' well-being firmly in mind. They support and challenge all at the school to do their best and consider thoughtfully how best to evaluate the work of the school, although these processes need to be sharper.

The recently published report goes onto to say that the school is working thoughtfully towards implementing changes in the light of the Curriculum for Wales reforms and that pupils benefit from a range of stimulating learning experiences. Provision to develop pupils' Welsh language skills is effective and pupils' use the language confidently. It also notedthat pupils from the faith school in Llandaff arethoughtful and inquisitive, speak eloquently and share their thoughts and ideas readily with many having well-developed opinions.

It was noted that there is still work to do in areas such as curriculum balance, the development of pupils' information and communication technology (ICT) skills and classroom-based, formative assessment.

Overall a positive report, Estyn has made a series of recommendations, all of which had already been identified by the school and will continue to be addressed as part of their School Improvement Plan.

  • Developing the curriculum to offer pupils a more balanced range of learning and give stronger opportunities to develop their cross curricular numeracy and digital skills
  • Sharpening monitoring so that it focuses better on identifying strengths and shortcomings in pupils' learning, and evaluates the quality and impact of provision
  • Improving formative assessment practices so pupils know how to be successful and what they need to do to improve R4 Improve pupils' information and communication technology (ICT) skills

At the time of the inspection, the school had 421 pupils, 3.9% of whom were eligible for free school meals with 5% of pupils with additional learning needs (ALN).

Mrs Annette James-Griffiths, Headteacher, said: "As a school community we are really pleased that Estyn have recognised the hard work and dedication of teachers, support staff and parents to ensure that every child receives the best opportunity to flourish not only academically but also emotionally, spiritually and socially. This is particularly important as we continue to deal with the effects and impact of the pandemic. Whilst we are never complacent, it is encouraging to see that Estyn have recognised the areas which we have invested much time in and that the areas highlighted for improvement are ones already known to the school and part of our School Improvement Plan."


Chair of Governors, Mr David Oliver, added: "I would like to congratulate and thank all of the staff of the school for all of their hard work each and every day but especially during this inspection period to ensure a positive, inclusive and supportive learning environment for all pupils at Llandaff City. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for the work over the inspection period to support all staff and ensure that wellbeing remains at the forefront of our minds. Inspections can be stressful for staff members but this was reduced by the support of Senior Leaders. This is a very positive inspection report which sets us up for the future."

Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: "Estyn have shone a light on some of the great work taking place at Llandaff City CIW Primary School and I particularly enjoyed hearing of the wide range of activities undertaken at the school, which help to promote collaborative and creative working amongst pupils. It was also pleasing to hear the very positive language used to describe pupils at the school.

"The areas where improvements could be made will be a priority for the school and the Council will provide the appropriate support help leaders to achieve them."

Estyn has adopted anew approach to inspection in schools and Pupil Referral Units across Wales. Inspection reports will no longer include summative gradings (e.g. ‘Excellent', ‘Good' or ‘Adequate') and now focus on how well providers are helping a child to learn.

The new approach aligns with the personalisation of the new curriculum for Wales with inspections involving more in-person discussions, placing less emphasis on achievement data.

Estyn believe that the new inspection approach will make it easier for providers to gain meaningful insights that help them to improve without the spotlight on a judgement.