Offers of places in Cardiff's Primary Schools out now


Thousands of parents across Cardiff have received an offer of a place for their child to start in primary school from September 2023. 

In total, 3,847 children will make the move from nursery to primary school in the autumn, and to date, 3,233 applications have been made to Cardiff Council. 

Based on current figures, 98.2% of those applying have been offered a place at their first preference community primary school, with 99.6% being offered a place at one of their top three preference schools. 

This year is the first time that Cardiff Council has been able to use a co-ordinated admissions system for primary school applications, with applications to all community schools and the majority of faith primary schools being made via the local authority, using the one form and process. It is a system that the local authority first started using for secondary school applications in 2018. 

When it comes to considering the combined figures for both community and faith primary schools under the co-ordinated system, the proportion of those applying being offered a place at their first preference school rises to 99.4%. 

Parents with an offer of a place have until 2nd May to formally accept or refuse. Details on how to do this are included in the offer letter or email sent to them from Cardiff Council. 

The 2nd May is also the deadline for any applications that are yet to be made. The decisions on those applications will be released in June. 

The Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council and Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Sarah Merry, said: "I very much welcome the fact that community schools and the vast majority of faith schools have come together this year to create a co-ordinated admissions system for the families making the transition into primary school from next autumn. 

"Although a high number of applications have been made on time again this year, I would encourage any parents yet to apply to do so by the 2nd May deadline at the very latest, and to make full use of the number of preferences available to them. It is also really important that parents that have received an offer letter or email from the council get in touch to either accept or refuse the school place. 

"The figures released so far are based on provisional offers, and we will start to see the final picture for September onwards emerge as we move into the second round of the application process." 

Out of the 80 community primary schools in Cardiff, 68 have available places to offer. Of the 20 faith schools in the co-ordinated system, 17 have places available. 

For details on applying for a primary school in Cardiff, along with the full list of application figures for each primary school in the co-ordinated admissions system,