Cardiff pledges to children in care, that ‘My Things Matter'


Cardiff Council has pledged its support for the ‘My Things Matter' campaign, an initiative that helps to make sure that children and young people in care are treated with respect and dignity when they move home.

Run by NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service), ‘My Things Matter' pushes to end the use of bin bags when children in care move home and asks local authorities across England and Walesto provide formal written guidance for staff and carers to support children experiencing moves.

By signing up to the campaign, Cardiffpledges to children and young people in their care to;

  1. Keep their most precious belongings safe during their move and promise they will not be moved in bin bags.
  2. Provide written guidance for them and anyone helping them to move.
  3. Never move or throw away their belongings without their consent and always respect their personal property.
  4. Support them to make a complaint if any of their belongings have been lost or damaged during their move. And finally,
  5. Communicate with them about their move and ask how the move went.

Photo: Candice Lloyd from NYAS, Cllr Rhys Taylor, Cllr Christopher Lay, Cllr Ash Lister, Cllr Sarah Merry, Cllr Peter Littlechild

Cardiff Council's Cabinet Member for Children's Social Services, Cllr Ash Lister said:"Ensuring that all children in care feel self-worth and are respected is priority. Moving home can be an anxious and stressful time for anyone, but particularly for young people who may have already experienced turbulence and upset during their lives. We are committed to making this a smooth and dignified transition where young people feel supported, in line with Cardiff's ambition of becoming a UNICEF UK Child Friendly City.

"Our children and young people deserve the very best and that's why we're so proud to sign the ‘My Things Matter' pledge, and hope more Local Authorities will join us."

Rita Waters, NYAS Group Chief Executive, said: "I am so proud of the difference our campaign is making and I am delighted to see the number of local authorities signing up to the My Things Matter pledge, increasing month on month. We still have some local authorities yet to sign up and I would like to urge all of them to sign up to the My Things Matter pledge without delay and make a public statement to treat care experienced children and their belongings with respect and dignity during a placement move. I look forward to seeing more local authorities joining with NYAS in this important pledge to children and young people."

NYAS' My Things Matter campaign is supported byMadlug,an award-winning bag brand, to provide thousands of children in care with sturdy luggage to make sure that no child is forced to move their belongings using bin bags. Local authorities who sign up to My Things Matter can receive free Madlug bags for children in care.

For more information about the campaign please visit: