New ‘destination’ skatepark in Llanrumney granted planning permission


A new ‘destination' skatepark in Llanrumney has been granted planning permission.

Developed by award winning consultants VDZ+A and Newline Skateparks in consultation with the local skateboard community, the new skatepark will replace the existing timber-framed skate facility next to Eastern Leisure Centre.

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CGI image of what the new Llanrumney skatepark could look like. Copyright: Newline Skateparks

Constructed from concrete, which will result in a lower noise, lower maintenance and higher quality facility, the new skatepark aims to provide an inclusive space for residents and skaters of all ages and abilities. The design was developed following public consultation with local skateboarders and residents.

Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Events, Cllr Jennifer Burke, said: "Now that planning permission is in place we can move forward with our plans for what promises to be a fantastic new facility for this Olympic sport.

"We want as many people as possible to take part in physical activity and the great thing about skateboarding is that it appeals to people of all ages - from young children and teenagers, to older skaters, some of who are now introducing their own kids to the sport."

The proposal also includes park improvements, such as a ‘rain garden' to provide sustainable drainage for the site, new wildflower planting, trees, and shrub planting. All the oak trees on the site will also be retained and protected, with the skateboard park layout carefully designed around the existing trees.

Work on the skatepark is expected to begin in 2024.