Council publishes revised school admissions policy


Cardiff Council has proposed making changes to its school's admissions policy following a public consultation process carried out at the turn of the year.

The authority has to review its admissions policy annually and has sought views from headteachers, governing bodies, church representatives and neighbouring education authorities.

The consultation which concluded in January, drew out a number of responses which have now been addressed in a new report to be discussed by the Council's Cabinet on Thursday 21st  March.

Cllr Sarah Merry, the Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, said: "It's very important that we review our admissions policy every year because the education landscape is constantly evolving and parents need to know, for example, which school catchment areas they live in.

"Every parent wants the best school for their child, and we are committed to ensuring that every primary and secondary school in Cardiff is fully supported by the Council and constantly strives for excellence."

To help formulate the admissions policy, the Council works closely with the Admissions Forum, which includes representatives of community, voluntary controlled, foundation and voluntary aided schools, parent governors and local community representatives.

Among the responses received it was requested that a number of changes were made to school catchment areas. Although no changes are proposed for 2025/26, any future changes would only take place following a full public consultation on school catchment areas with a wide range of stakeholders, including local members, schools, and parents of children who may be affected by any changes.

Other proposed changes include:

  • Replacing a section in the admissions policy on children with statements of special educational needs with a section on children with additional learning needs who have an individual development plan.
  • Clarification on changing school during the academic year, and
  • Clarification on submission of documents relating to a child's home address.

The report will be reviewed by Cardiff's Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday 20th March. To view the full report please visit Agenda for Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, 20th March, 2024, 4.30 pm : Cardiff Council (