COVID-19 Update: 18th May

In the latest COVID-19 update from Cardiff Council: weekly kerbside collections for recyclables and food waste will return to normal service from 1stJune; staying on the topic of collections, a reminder of theareas having a garden waste collection this Saturday; and working with over 130 parents of young children to support family relationships, child behaviour and child development.


Kerbside waste collection changes from June 1st

Weekly kerbside collections for recyclables and food waste will return to normal service from June 1.

Residents are being asked to begin using their brown kerbside food caddies again from this date, and to make sure all their recyclables go into their green bags for collection. Waste collected in the black bin or red striped bags will now go back to being collected once every fortnight and residents are reminded that any side waste will not be collected.

Green garden waste, bulky collections and the glass bottle and jar trial, however, all remain suspended until further notice.

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Environment and Recycling, said: "Firstly I would like to thank our residents for working with us since lockdown began. They've been fantastic and adapted to the new collection regime, spreading the news in their communities about the changes.

"We have always said that we would seek to return to normal service arrangements as soon as we could, and we are now ready to begin doing that.

"I understand that there may be some concern that the complete service we offered before the outbreak isn't quite ready to return yet, but I ask everyone to bear with us. We are working on plans to restore all our services as soon as we can including our Household Waste Recycling Centres, green garden kerbside collections and bulky waste collections.

"I am delighted though, that we can begin recycling again. I know it has concerned many residents and I want to thank them all for their patience."

Residents living in the 14,000 homes that are part of the glass bottle and jar pilot scheme are asked to continue to put their bottles and jars in their green bags, rather than their blue caddy until further notice.

All recyclables collected in the green bags will now be recycled. All food waste, which must now be presented for collection in the brown food caddies, will be processed at an Anaerobic Digestion Plant to make green electricity and compost.

"We realise that residents will be disappointed that we cannot provide a kerbside green garden waste collection at the moment, but this is why we provided the one-off green garden waste collections during weekends in May. We are working on a booking system which will allow us to open our HWRCs as soon as it is safe to do so. Residents will have the option of taking garden waste to the HWRCs once we have this up and running."

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One-off Saturday Garden Waste Collections Continue

A reminder that one-off Saturday garden waste collections are taking place this month.

The areas of Cardiff that have their waste collected on aThursdaywill have a garden waste collection this comingSaturday, 23rdMay.

Residents are reminded that they must only put out garden waste for collection in their green wheelie bin or their reusable garden sacks.

Any additional garden waste, which is put in any other container, including plastic bags, will not be collected.

For questions and answers on the one-off garden waste collections during May, go to:


Parents Plus run remote parenting service during lock down

Parents Plus is a psychology-led parenting service for children under 4 years of age and their families in Flying Start Areas. Since the Covid-19 lock down came into force, the service have quickly adapted their home visiting parenting service to instead offer bespoke 1:1 parenting interventions via telephone or video calls.

The team are currently working with over 130 parents of young children to support family relationships, child behaviour and child development. In addition to this, the team are also providing weekly ‘wellbeing calls' to families who require them.

The team's manager, Dr Nicola Canale says her team are truly committed to supporting parents and their young children during this time,"All team members have been positive and professional in adapting quickly to the changes that have needed to take place to continue supporting parents, whilst at the same time managing significant changes to their own home lives. I have seen our core value, of being a strength based team, play out more than ever over the past few weeks and feel very proud of the whole team".

A parent recently contacted the team about one of theParents Plus Practitioners saying,"She has helped me in ways I couldn't imagine, been thorough, consistent and just a genuine pleasure to work with. She really understands what I am going through and has supported me so much, and continues to do so on the phone during lockdown. She introduced me to CBT techniques that helped me challenge those (negative) thoughts. I am so glad I accessed your services and met her. She is brilliant and I can't thank her enough".

For more aboutParents Plus visit the Flying Start website: